6 Reasons Why An Air Conditioning Unit Smells And The Best Solutions

Your AC unit is not supposed to circulate any smell. If you smell strange odors when you use your air conditioning unit, the reason can be both minor or severe.

The Six Most Common Reasons that Make your AC Produce Weird Odors and Their Solutions

Weird odors can indicate a major problem in your air conditioner unit. Get it checked before it leads to repairs or even replacements. If you require a proper AC installation in Allentown, PA contact, Complete Home Specialist.

Here is a list of odors you should look out for, and contact a technician if you smell any of these:

  • A Rubber Part is Burning

When you smell an odor like a plastic or rubber component is on fire, that smell is hazardous to your health. The burning rubber or plastic smell occurs when the AC rubber component is burning. Sometimes, a short circuit or high power supply can cause this smell. Turn the air conditioning off immediately and contact the technician.

  • Dead Species Smell

When you smell the rotten vegetable odor, this can lead to nausea and headache. The reason for the smell is a rodent or any other tiny species has entered your AC unit. Examine the AC to know from where exactly the smell is coming. Once you find the exact area, remove the AC panel. Take out the extinct species and clean your AC unit.

  • A Musty and Stale Smell

When there is water blockage in the AC unit, you smell a musty odor or a smell of stagnant water. When the water cannot pass through the drip pan because of clogged drainage lines, you smell a musty and stale smell. Clean the drainage line using a combination of chlorine bleach and water.

  • You smell the gas leak

Headache, nausea, breathing issues, cough, etc., are the outcomes of this smell. When the insulation is poor, or there are cracks in the ductwork, the Freon leakage leads to a gas leak smell. Gas leak smell negatively impacts your health. Schedule AC inspection and repair service.

  • Cigarette Smoke Smell

Your AC can also produce a smell like a cigarette smoke. It is the least harmful smell you can easily fix. When you keep a smoke-producing thing near your AC unit, the AC can absorb and release that smoke. Do not smoke where the AC unit is installed. Also, do not keep any fume or smoke-producing things near AC.

  • Paint Thinner Smell

Sometimes, you smell a chemical or paint thinner smell. It may not seem dangerous, but it is harmful. You smell the chemical when your dirty and damaged AC starts leaking the various fluids or refrigerants. Turn the AC unit off and schedule an AC repair in Allentown, PA.

These AC smells are not only mood-spoiling but also harmful to health. Complete Home Specialist is a NATE-certified HVAC company. We help with AC repair, maintenance, and installation in Allentown, PA. We can troubleshoot any HVAC unit. Call us to schedule a complete home specialist’s service.