6 Warning Signs That It’s Time For Furnace Repair

The winters in Allentown might become difficult to tolerate if you do not have an efficient furnace at your home. Hence, it is important to ensure that your heating system is not malfunctioning. Despite that, most people do not even think about a furnace repair until the furnace starts facing issues. You should reach out to the best heating service in Allentown, PA, so that your furnace stays up and running for the winters.

Warning Signs That Indicate Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

As you might be using the furnace only during the winter season, there are high chances that it might not be working properly. Mentioned below are a few indicators that your furnace might need a repair:

  1. Weird Noises When You Switch on Your Furnace

    If you hear a hissing, clicking, or rattling sound whenever you switch on your furnace, there might be some issues with the blower fans. You should never ignore the sounds, as they could be an indicator that you need to repair the blower fan. Heating repair Allentown PA companies can help you fix the root cause of the problem.

  2. The Furnace is Throwing Cold or Dry Air

    If your furnace isn’t heating as well as it should, you must schedule a maintenance session with expert technicians. There could be several reasons for your furnace blowing cold air. You should call up a furnace repair company as they can help you diagnose the problem.

  3. You Detect a Gas Leakage

    A primary sign that you need furnace replacement is when you can smell gas around your home. If you are using a gas furnace, gas leakage is a critical issue. You should immediately call up the best HVAC Repair Near Me to mitigate the risk of a fire hazard.

  4. Liquid or Ice Collecting Around Your Furnace

    You can often observe liquids collecting under the heating system. It could either be gasoline or water. It would be best if you didn’t ignore the liquid as the water accumulation might lead to corrosion of the system.

  5. A Flickering Flame of Yellow Colour

    The ideal color of the flame is deep blue. It is a sign that the furnace is working as it should be. However, a flickering or a yellowish flame would indicate that the flame isn’t burning sufficiently, and the furnace will not heat your home as expected.

  6. Rising Energy Bills

    If you notice that your energy bills are pretty high or they are rising every month despite your usage remaining constant, it is an indicator that your furnace is not working efficiently. Your furnace might be using more energy or consuming more fuel to run. You should schedule a heating service Allentown PA to diagnose the issue and fix it quickly.

If you feel that your furnace is showing any of the above symptoms, it might be the right time to reach out to a furnace repair Allentown PA company. You can call us up at (610) 790-3835 or visit our website to schedule a maintenance visit with our expert technicians. They will not only identify the issues with the heating system but also fix them to ensure that no recurring issues take place.