Faulty Pilot Light: How To Identify And What To Do?

Pilot light is actually a little flame in your furnace that indicates the well-being of your furnace. This light or flame should always be lit. But it is not easy to identify if the pilot light is on.

Issues with your pilot light can be solved at home, but at times it needs professional care. In such cases, it is best to look for HVAC repair near me to avail the necessary services.

How to identify a faulty pilot light?

Here is how you can identify a faulty pilot light and call a technician after you have checked the issue.

  • First, you have to know where your front cover panel is. It’s a little door that is easily accessible and visible. Find it and open the front cover panel.
  • Check if your pilot light is on. The first sign of a faulty pilot light is if it’s off. It should be easy to locate since it’s a little flame.
  • If you can’t locate the flame, you should think your pilot light is out.
  • The second sign of a faulty pilot light is its color. The color of a pilot light should always be blue. If it is a strange color, it could mean that the burner assembly is dirty or corroded.

What to do if your pilot light is acting up?

There are a few ways in which you should act when you find a faulty light.

  • Reading Instructions and Acting Accordingly

You can always read the instructions from the manufacturer to know what you should do in a particular situation. Most manufacturers label their instructions on the surface of your heating system. If you can’t see it, read the unit’s manual for instructions.

The problems with heating appliances and systems are manifold and cannot always be solved by a manual or instructions. But it helps if you have even a partial understanding of the problem.

  • Relight the Pilot Light

If your pilot light is out, the best way to restore your heating is to relight it.

  • Clean the Burner Assembly

If the pilot light is not blue or any strange color, it might be because of a corroded and dirty burner assembly which will be solved by cleaning it.

  • External Air

If your pilot light is adamantly going out even after being repeatedly lit, it might be because of an external air source. Identify the air source or move the furnace.

  • Thermocouple

A thermocouple is the safety component of your furnace that stops the flow of gas when the pilot light goes out to prevent the storage of dangerous unburned fuel. It can malfunction due to wear and tear or dust. Try cleaning it and if it doesn’t work, call a professional.

  • Call the Experts at Complete Home Specialist

Sometimes when the pilot light is out or flickering, it can be especially dangerous. Even if the pilot light is off, the gas might be coming out and keep storing in your room, and if something is lit inside the room, it can result in an explosion. You need to know if your pilot light is working smoothly.

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