How to Tell If Your AC Contactor is Bad or Failing

When it comes to air conditioners, numerous issues can arise over time. It’s difficult to diagnose problems with your air conditioner on your own. If you have some experience, you can take care of a few minor issues. However, a bad contractor can not be fixed on your own.
Air conditioners would not work without contactors. It is an AC part that needs to be replaced from time to time. If your contactor works inadequately, your air conditioner may fail to cool your home properly, which results in hot and cold spots.

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1. Understanding a Contractor

An air conditioner’s contractor is an essential part of the AC. The power supply lines passing through a load are connected and disconnected using this control device. When you turn the power on, a low-voltage signal is sent to the contractor. It permits the flow of electricity from the outlet to the rest of the machine. This device powers the air conditioner’s fan and compression motors.

Various components of the air conditioning system receive information from an AC contactor, which acts as a transmitter of electrical energy. It functions like a switch, diverting electricity to another circuit. When you turn on your air conditioner to cool or heat your house, the contactor volt and load sides are connected in a circuit. 

2. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Contractor

The AC unit’s compressor is a complicated piece of equipment. It’s always better to know what can go wrong with contactors. When you hear strange noises, that’s one of the easiest signs to look for. Because of this, it’s crucial to focus on the following signs:

Humming Sound

A humming sound can be heard when the air conditioner is turned on, but it does not turn on. The coil is making a humming noise because the button is pushed, making no contact with the coil. It is also possible that faulty coils or dirty contacts cause the humming sound. 

Chattering Noise

The plunger tends to chatter when the contacts are dirty, or the coil is worn out. During this time, the chattering sound can be heard as the plunger tries to make contact but fails. You might need to look for ‘air conditioning repair near me’ to help in this situation. 


Due to the increased burden, the contractor can overheat. This can cause the plastic adornment or bundling to melt. If this is the case, you should have your contactor replaced right away. You should turn off your air conditioner until a technician can come out. 


Frozen condensation inside an air conditioner is another sign of a malfunctioning contactor. For too long, the air conditioner was running at full capacity, causing the temperature inside the house to drop so low that condensation had frozen. 


Taking better care of your AC unit means knowing how its parts work and what can damage them. For all your AC installation needs in Allentown, PA, get in touch with a Complete home specialist. We have a team of expert and certified technicians who can help solve your problems. Call us today at (610) 790-3835.