Signs Your Furnace Could Have a Faulty Gas Valve

If your furnace is showing signs of wear and tear due because it has been heavily used, or because it is an older system you can call Complete Home Specialist for furnace replacement or heating repair in Allentown, PA and the surrounding areas. Here are a few useful indicators that your furnace gas valve may be nearing the end of its useful life.

The Role Of Gas Valve In A Furnace

It is important to understand the way your gas furnace operates. The gas travels from the storage tank into the furnace through the gas valve, and as a result, the gas valve is essential to the operation of your furnace. Gas leaks into your home or the environment are possible if the valve is broken. A gas leak is a major threat to one’s health and safety and should be fixed immediately.

Even if there isn’t a gas leak when the gas valve is broken, it needs to be fixed immediately to avoid a leak and get your furnace up and running. Remember that the longer you wait for repairs, the more involved and expensive it will be, so don’t put your health or expensive repairs at risk. 

Sign To Look Out For Faulty Gas Valve

  • Stops Heating

Your furnace will stop producing heat, which is the main sign of a malfunctioning gas valve. This is so that your gas furnace doesn’t entirely shut down because it needs gas to operate. As a result, the gas valve may be to blame if you find that your furnace is no longer operating or generating heat. However, other issues could prevent your furnace from performing as it should. To guarantee that the right issue is addressed, it is best to call a Complete Home Specialist expert for heating installation in Allentown, PA to inspect and evaluate the situation.

  • Gas Leak

This is a significant red flag that your furnace’s gas valve may malfunction. Fuel might escape into the air due to a malfunctioning gas valve. Your health and property are in danger from gas leaks because a spark could cause a fire. You should leave your home right away if you see a gas leak. After that, get in touch with our furnace maintenance and repair expert who can evaluate the damage and propose a long-term fix.

  • A Soaked Furnace

Your gas furnace’s valve could malfunction if it is immersed in water. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, our professionals for heating repair in Allentown, PA, advise that you change the component, even if you feel that too much water didn’t soak in or that the gas furnace was only half submerged. Contact our professional for this.


A malfunctioning furnace might result in more significant issues like poisoning from carbon monoxide or gas leaks and make the house intolerably cold. Call our professional if you see any signs of a faulty gas valve. Complete Home Specialist provides maintenance for furnaces to guarantee you stay comfortable throughout the winter. We are happy to help!