Tricks That Will Ensure Proper Care Of Your AC System

To many homeowners, the problems that crop up when it comes to their AC system are well known. From leaking units to increasing utility bills, the list of possible issues is significant. Therefore, it is only natural that one should wonder how to prevent the premature deterioration of the system or reduce the funds going into AC repair in Allentown, PA.

A Comprehensive AC Care Checklist


To ensure that the AC system receives all the care they need to function. A homeowner should look to carry out a certain list of activities after particular periods. An AC tends to have different requirements over a given year because of the various components that make it up. To begin with:

  1. Once a Year
    On an annual basis, an individual should look to accomplish the following –

    • Replace the batteries of the carbon monoxide detector present within the system. This will help to reduce the risk of not realizing the increased carbon monoxide gas being released by the system.
    • The AC resides on a firm and level of support. Whether the unit is placed in the wall or a window, it should have firm support.
    • The drain through which the condensate flows out must be cleaned. A homeowner can hire technicians offering air conditioning services in Allentown, PA, to clean this drain every month. The cleaning process will involve using a mixture of water and bleach to dislodge any dirt and debris.

  2. Once in Six Months/Season
    On a monthly basis or before every season, one will have to ensure the completion of the following tasks –

    • The air filter requires cleaning or repair once every six months or every six weeks. This is especially important before and after the summer season. This will help to improve the air quality and efficiency of the unit during the summer.
    • Contact an HVAC contractor offering HVAC Repair near You, to inspect the air conditioning ducts visually. They will be looking for any cracks or holes that may result in the loss of cold or hot air as it moves through the ducts.
      In addition to the ducts, the technicians should also carry out a complete inspection of the system as a whole. This will help to curb the growth of mold and other problems.

  3. Immediately
    At present, a homeowner should look to carry out the following –

    • Ensure that there is a two-foot space around the outdoor unit of the AC. This will make it easier for the unit to exchange heat with the surrounding.
    • The vents of the AC should be free from excessive dirt or debris.

One can look to accomplish all these tasks independently or even hire an ac installation in Allentown, PA. Therefore, a homeowner can greatly improve the functioning of their unit through these practices. For a comprehensive AC servicing or Heating Repair Allentown PA, consider choosing Complete Home Specialist. To book these services, call 610-790-3835 today.