What Are The Most Common Causes For A Furnace To Stop Working?

We know how cold the winters are in Pennsylvania, especially in the Greater Allentown area. You wouldn’t want your furnace to just shut down in such rough winters and leave you out in the cold. There are several reasons, ranging from minor ones that can be resolved using DIY solutions to major ones requiring the immediate attention of HVAC experts who can shut your furnace down. Keep reading this article to find out why your furnace might stop working all of a sudden to know how to avoid such a situation:

  1. Clogged Air Filter

    An air filter allows the passage of air from the furnace to the house. But, if the air filter is filled with dust and dirt, it may cause the furnace to overheat. An overheated furnace may trip the safety switch, which stops the furnace from working. You may need to replace the air filter to get your furnace back up and running in such a case.

  2. Dirty Flame Sensor

    A flame sensor detects if a flame is burning in the flame chamber and is a crucial component of the furnace. If it gets too clogged or dirty, it won’t be able to detect it in the burning chamber, leading to the furnace shutting down till it can clearly detect a flame.

  3. Thermostat Not On

    The thermostat controls the furnace’s operations. If your furnace is not working, make sure to check if the thermostat is set to heat mode and if it is set to a higher temperature.

  4. Circuit Breaker Tripped

    There is a possibility of your circuit breaker tripping because of some internal issue. You need to locate the breaker on the furnace and reset it.

  5. Faulty Igniter

    A  faulty igniter with cracks, warps, or chips will not be able to create a flame. It needs to be replaced immediately to make the furnace work.

  6. Issues With The Control Panel

    Sudden fluctuations in the temperature of the furnace might signify issues with the control panel. You must call for immediate professional attention in such a case, as fixing it is vital for the furnace’s health.

  7. Cracked Heat Exchanger

    A heat exchanger basically transfers heat produced from the combustion to the air. As time rolls by, your heat exchanger can get cracked, leading to more and more energy consumption. This is potentially dangerous, as carbon monoxide can get accumulated, leading to potential leaks in your home. If the heat exchanger in your furnace is not working properly, you’ll notice a strange odor coming from the furnace. This is your cue to call in our heating installation Allentown PA team, who are proficient in dealing with HVAC systems.

There might be other reasons as well that are at play here. A closed gas line, bad limit switch or improper lubrication might be the causes behind your furnace not working. You always need to call in HVAC professionals when dealing with gas lines, as they are extremely dangerous and can damage your furnace and home.For any other issues with your furnace, you can always contact our HVAC repair Allentown PA team to resolve your problems. For more information and details, visit our website or give us a call at 610-790-3835 today!